Asus Rog 6 Review, Super Sophisticated Smartphone Gaming

That said, everyone has different considerations before buying a smartphone unit. 
There are those who choose to shop from well-known brands, but there are also those who are interested in the latest HP releases. 
The Asus Rog 6 review might complement your considerations before buying a new cellphone at this time.

The Asus brand is actually not a new brand in Indonesia. But instead of being known as the best smartphone brand, Asus' popularity has skyrocketed because of the PCs and laptops it sells. Even so, you don't need to ask again about the quality of the Asus Rog Phone 6.

Advantages of Asus Rog 6

Smartphone shopping is clearly different from buying kitchen or bathroom needs. The considerations that you do are not just distinguishing the aroma, quality and quantity. Apart from eye comfort features, there are also prices and other specifications that you need to pay attention to. Here are the advantages of the Asus Rog 6.

Camera Shots

The specifications for the Asus Rog Phone 6 that differentiate it from other brands are the camera sensors created by Sony. If the Asus series 3 and 5 use the Sony IMX 686 sensor then the Asus Rog Phone 6, Asus embeds the IMX 766 50 MP. The results of the smartphone camera shots are very good, especially when the sun is shining brightly.

Not just one, the Asus Rog Phone 6 consists of several camera lenses. The main camera mode is 12.5 MP with an extra Quad Bayer filter. On the other hand, there is also a wide lens of 13 MP which can record images with realtime distortion and an angle of 125 degrees.

Don't forget the third camera, which is equipped with a 5 MP macro lens. Meanwhile, those of you who like selfies can use a 12 MP resolution camera lens. This front camera is not only reliable in recording selfies but also taking videos.

Faster Charging

Do you need a smartphone with super fast charging capabilities? From the various Asus Rog 6 reviews that we have collected, this Asus series has the best charging capability of 65 watts. The power embedded in the battery is also relatively high, namely 6,000 mAh.

If previously it took you several hours to fill your cellphone up to 100 percent, then the Asus Rog 6 can do it quickly. The time it takes for the Asus Rog 6 to charge is around 40 minutes for 100 percent. Charging speed makes your work easier.

The unique thing is that the 6,000 mAh power found in the Asus Rog 6 is not stored in one battery but in two batteries. Each battery is equipped with a power capacity of 3,000 mAh.

Powerful Sound

The Asus Rog Phone 6 release date is September 2022 which indicates that this smartphone is still very new to the Indonesian gadget market. Besides having the advantages of camera and battery performance, the Asus Rog 6 also has a super powerful sound.

Asus added stereo speakers in which the developer deliberately embedded two amplifiers. Those of you who like to stream videos or play games will not be disappointed with the sound performance. The sound details that Asus Rog 6 produces are also very good, starting from bass, treble to mid sound.

So that your experience using the Asus Rog Phone 6 is even more unforgettable. Activate and take advantage of the GameFX features presented in it. This feature is able to adjust the equalizer so you can enjoy games with clear and maximum sound.

Best Gaming Performance

How much RAM is the Rog Phone 6 ? You can choose the available RAM capacity, namely 8GB or 12GB. With such a large capacity, you can use a smartphone for various activities, from working, searching, gaming and many more. Large RAM performance indirectly also affects gaming performance.

Asus Rog Phone 6 allows you to play games smoothly and freely. Moreover, the internal memory is very high, reaching 256GB. Did you know that the Asus Rog 6 also has two unique modes, namely X Mode and Dynamic.

These two modes allow you to play games without worrying about the smartphone lagging. The frame rates produced by both technologies are much more stable. It's no wonder that many Asus Rog 6 reviews state that the smartphone's performance is very reliable for playing heavyweight games

Equipped with the Fastest Chipset

If asked, is the Rog Phone 6 waterproof ? That said, this smartphone has been equipped with IPX4 certification which allows it to stay on and operate properly even if it is splashed with water. Another advantage that this phone has is the use of a fast chipset.

Asus deliberately pinned the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Chipset which comes with an octa-core configuration and a clock speed of 2.0 GHz. On the other hand, Asus has also added an Adreno 730 GPU with a speed of 900 Hz.

With the support of these chipset specifications, it's not an exaggeration if the Asus Rog 6 is called the fastest smartphone. You will get the best experience when using a smartphone.

Awesome AMOLED Screen Quality

The previous Asus Rog 6 review has explained the various advantages of a smartphone in terms of its spur kitchen. The gahar quality of the Asus Rog 6 is even more reliable when you compare the quality of the screen with smartphones of similar prices.

The Asus Rog 6 has an AMOLED screen with a high resolution of 1080 x 2448 pixels. The images you capture will always be sharp and clear. What's more, this smartphone also has a touch sampling rate of 720 Hz which makes it reliable in overcoming lag.

In addition to the AMOLED screen, the Asus Rog 6 also comes with DRM Widevine L1 certification and billions of colors with a density of 395 pixels. This condition allows the Asus Rog 6 to produce full HD image or video content.

Disadvantages of the Asus Rog 6

With all the greatness that exists on the Asus Rog 6, it doesn't mean that this smartphone has minimal deficiencies. One of the most basic drawbacks of large phones is their   heavy weight. Asus Rog 6 weighs 239 grams which is quite heavy for the size of a cellphone.

For the convenience of playing games, it would be nice to hold the cellphone with both hands or use a table as a base for placing the cellphone.

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The next drawback is the image quality. Even though the image resolution on this gadget is good, you might need more than one shot to get the best picture results. The photos taken during the day are clear, but do not rule out the possibility of having blur on the sides.

Asus Rog 6 price

The price of the Asus Rog Phone 6 is quite high considering that the main purpose of making this smartphone is to play games. If you look at the price, the Asus Rog 6 8GB RAM will be different from 12GB RAM. Those of you who are interested in shopping for Asus Rog RAM 8GB/256GB must prepare IDR 10,999,000.

Meanwhile, for the Asus Rog 6 with RAM capacity and 12GB/256GB memory, you have to pay IDR 13,999,000. The price that Asus offers is indeed expensive, but it is very comparable to the quality of the product and its performance.


Thus this detailed Asus Rog 6 review . You definitely need more than one consideration before buying or not buying the Asus Rog 6. Of course, after understanding the advantages and disadvantages of this smartphone.

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