Bluehost Hosting Review Cheap and Best Hosting

Bluehost Hosting Review Cheap and Best Hosting – Finding cheap hosting is no longer difficult, unlike before because the choices are very limited, moreover the prices are relatively expensive.

Of the many hosting providers available in the world today, one of the names you may hear most often is Bluehost

That said, Bluehost is very senior as one of the hosting providers in the world. Not only as cheap hosting, Bluehost is also known as one of the best hosting available today.

Not to mention as an internet user who has a website for various purposes, choosing a hosting should not be arbitrary.

In addition to losing money about costs, choosing hosting at random will actually harm our own website. Issues with server up-time , support , security , and so on are of course a major consideration.

In this article, I try to provide as detailed a Bluehost hosting review as possible, with the aim of helping you compare Bluehost with other hosting providers that I have previously reviewed, or even those that have become your chosen web hosting reference.

About Bluehost

Before we get into the Bluehost hosting review section, let's first get to know Bluehost briefly.

As I mentioned before, Bluehost is a fairly senior hosting provider because it has been around since 1996 (inaugurated in 2003), where the internet world was not as busy as it is today.

Since then, Bluehost's name has slowly risen as one of the best hosting providers. Especially now that Bluehost specifically provides full support for WordPress, which is the best CMS in the world.

Review Hosting Bluehost

Having been around for 20 years, the name Bluehost seems familiar to webmasters .

So, in order to reinforce this review regarding Bluehost hosting, so that you are assisted in making a choice of hosting according to your preferences, here I will provide a review as comprehensive as I can.

Bluehost Overview As Premium Hosting

Bluehost is suitable for those who need powerful hosting at a relatively affordable price. Powered by cPanel and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), even if you don't like technical things, you can still use these features easily.

The following are various other features available to you as a Bluehost user later

  • Free Domain For 1 Year , following your shared hosting package.
  • The complete package of features in cPanel supports integration of Cloudflare, Softaculous, Page Speed ​​Grader, Google Apps, Custom Domain Email, FTP, and many more. Apart from that, their cPanel display is also somewhat more minimalist and neat so it is easier to use than the cPanel display in general.
  • Premium Anti-Spam Protection already provided in cPanel.
  • Unlimited custom email accounts .
  • Automatic backups , so Bluehost can back up all your website data either daily, weekly or even monthly automatically, so you don't have to worry about losing data anymore.
  • The server hardware used is always upgraded to the latest version , so it continues to be updated so that the hosting remains stable, so as to minimize the server down rate.
  • Support service for 24 hours without limits , either by phone or chat, so you are always there to help whenever you need help.
  • Free upgrade to VPS or higher class Hosting Packages, you don't need to bother upgrading if you want to upgrade the hosting you are using.
  • Integrates directly with Cloudflare's CDN .
  • Unique IP, Site-Lock, and SSL for increased security.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • And many more

Bluehost As WordPress Hosting specifically recognizes and recommends Bluehost as a hosting that can properly power WordPress as the website CMS used.

 special WordPress hosting provided by Bluehost is able to optimize all scripts installed in the theme and plugins used so that performance for end-users  will increase dramatically

The servers at Bluehost are specifically optimized to be able to support WordPress, because WordPress is the CMS with the most users in the world.

Therefore for us WordPress CMS users, hosting our website on Bluehost can have a big impact on our website visitors because everything that is owned by our website can be optimized for performance.

My own experience of using Bluehost is not out of my interest, but for the client's needs. First in 2014, a client needed proper hosting for the WordPress blog he wanted to build.

When I looked around for suitable WordPress dedicated hosting at an affordable price, Bluehost was always at the top. I also ventured to choose Bluehost as the main hosting for my client.

Starting from cPanel, I can quickly become familiar with it, so the process is fast. Ordered domains can be directly integrated with the hosting nameservers instantly, and WordPress installation can be done immediately, in just one click

Unlimited Hosting Resources

You need to know that the resources offered by Bluehost are unlimited . This means that no matter how many files you upload to your website, you will not be limited.

The bandwidth is also unlimited, so you don't have to worry about being suspended by freezing your hosting account if you have excess bandwidth (because it's not limited).

However, I found that there is a policy regarding limiting the MySQL database, which is as much as 3GB. This means that you may not create a MySQL database that exceeds the 3GB quota.

But I still think of it as unlimited resources even though it is limited to 3GB, because the average MySQL database size is only around 60MB, and the largest is only around 300MB, so it's still very far from the 3GB limit, right?

Unless you use various automated scripts such as auto-bots or auto-blogging, chances are you will exceed the 3GB quota

Prices and Options for Shared Hosting Packages

Of the many hosting providers that offer strong hosting, Bluehost is one of the hosting providers that offers it at a very affordable price.

Here's the price list:

Each hosting package certainly offers its own advantages. You have to be wise in choosing a hosting package to keep it according to your needs. Here are the brief details from me:

  • If you only want to host 1 website, and at the same time want to try out the various features offered by Bluehost, you should choose the Basic/Starter hosting package.
  • If you want to host many websites at once with a much larger quota of visitors, please choose the hosting plus package.
  • If you need other additional features with even more extraordinary hosting power, please choose the Business hosting package. You can take advantage of a dedicated IP and also SSL.

I recommend the Plus hosting plan because it includes everything you need, unless you need a dedicated IP and SSL then Business hosting is the right choice.

Loading Speed

Many have tested the loading speed of Bluehost hosting, and even though it's not as fast as VPS hosting , Bluehost shared hosting is still fairly fast because the loading speed is above average.

From what I found on the internet, there had been complaints about the loading speed of Bluehost hosting, but now they have upgraded their various servers so that for end-users , the loading speed has increased dramatically

Uptime Statistics

From the uptime statistics obtained from Techtage, it is said that the uptime statistics from Bluehost are amazing for cheap shared hosting. Shown from the statistics below

So in conclusion, in terms of uptime, using shared hosting on Bluehost is not a problem. 99.98% of the server is always up with a response speed of 283ms

Support Service

24-hour support service from live chat, telephone and email is one of the best things a hosting service has, and this is also owned by Bluehost.

Whenever you need assistance ranging from technical matters to just questions related to hosting services, you can get a reply in a short time.

However, compared to most hosting providers, the response speed from the Bluehost support team is not that fast. In fact we have to wait for hours to get a response.

This is probably due to the large number of support tickets containing questions from other Bluehost users, so we have to queue up for our questions to be answered

Ease of Access cPanel

Bluehost uses cPanel as the backend dashboard, which is also the current hosting industry standard.

Several years ago Bluehost redesigned the cPanel it uses, so it looks more minimalist and neat, unlike other cPanels by default .

From this cPanel, we can access various menus and features easily, not complicated and confusing like the default cPanel which is still widely used by hosting providers out there

Review Hosting Bluehost: Bottom Line

With low prices for a variety of hosting package options, Bluehost keeps uptime quality in mind (to avoid frequent downtime) and offers a variety of multifunctional website builders , including Joomla and WordPress, making building any type of website much easier.

Even though it is popular, compared to competitors, Bluehost is still inferior in terms of the completeness of features for each hosting package.

For example, in some hosting providers, the domain includes the purchase of a hosting package onwards, not limited to a period of time, such as 1 year.

The support service is still not responsive enough, even though the replies are right on target, not like Niaga HosterBut whatever is offered by Bluehost is worth the price. Even though it's cheap, Bluehost still can't be underestimated

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